MUFX Toolbox
THE Makeup Effects Toolbox

MUFX Toolbox is the ultimate resource for makeup effects artists.

Look up recipes, convert units, watch tutorials, browse reference images, find suppliers and much much more.

All in one App. THE MUFX TOOLBOX!

Learn Make-Up FX the right way!


🌄 Browse References

Looking for good reference? Never again! A huge collection on high quality reference images on wounds, textures & wrinkles etc. will help you to create the look you want.

🎬 Video Tutorials

Don´t just read tutorials watch them. The video tutorials will show you how it´s done the right way. Our collection of high quality learning videos is constantly expanding.

📖 Get it right

A extensive library of recipes is your disposal. Get the secret formulas from the industries best. Dick´s Stipple Ager , Kevin Haney´s Gelatin formula and many more.

🎓 Find a school

Tired of looking for the right school or workshop? If you want to learn makeup effects you can find all the good schools in our app.

We have a huge list of suppliers waiting for you to browse from. Find the nearest supplier and get directions in addition to their phone number and website.

Measure Stuff

The converter helps you to convert all necessary units. Length, weight, volume or temperature. Never get lost in metric systems again.