MUFX Toolbox
THE Makeup Effects Toolbox

MUFX Toolbox is the ultimate resource for makeup effects artists.

Look up recipes, convert units, watch tutorials, browse reference images, find suppliers and much much more.

All in one App. THE MUFX TOOLBOX!

Learn Make-Up FX the right way!


About Us

We are Todd Debreceni and Pascal Engelhardt. Todd is a Makeup Effects Artist with over 30 Years experience and Pascal is different…

Why are we doing this? Well, there are probably a million reasons but the biggest motivation to put together this App is you. The makeup effects artist.

We just want to help you to be the best makeup effects artist you can be. So we created an assortment of tools that are essential to the everyday business of any makeup effects artist and packed it all together and called it the MUFX Toolbox.


Todd Debreceni




Pascal Engelhardt